Oz Migrant Nurse Reveals Struggles In Viral Post

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

A migrant nurse in Australia who says he now eats “the yummiest food in the world” has revealed he struggled when first arriving in the country in an inspirational post which has received almost 100,000 likes.

Filipino migrant Jao Jundam revealed his struggles after first moving to Australia in a social media post on his 25th birthday, including a photo of him cleaning a toilet.

Jundam, who lives in Brisbane, said that a lot of people thought he was “lucky” because he lived in Australia, with onlookers thing “everything was smooth and easy” when he left the Philippines.


He added: “Little did they know that before I have started travelling the world, I have to walk for 1 hour in the freezing cold winter morning of Canberra just to work and sell fish in Belconnen market.

“Yes, I was also a barbecue boy, and a waiter, and a personal care provider, and a cashier and many more.”

He said he needed to earn money to “help my family pay my expenses during my stay in Canberra.”


He said that before finishing his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees he failed university “multiple times” because of the “culture shock” of studying in Australia.

Jundam even says he was accused of plagiarism at university, which put his last semester in jeopardy.


He added: “little did they know that before I have eaten the yummiest food in the world, I have to be mindful of the number of meals I have to consume in a day.”

He finished with a motivational message, telling his followers “turn your dreams into goals, turn your goals into a plan. Execute your plan and see where it takes you, either way, you experience; either way, you learn; either way, you grow.”

The post has received over 99,000 likes online.

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Alex Cope

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