Owner Uses Bag Around Cute Dogs Head

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@Rachel.liawtc

This Chihuahua has hit the headlines after being snapped with a bag around its head which its owner says is used to stop it from licking other dog’s pee.

The pooch named Baby made headlines in the city-state of Singapore after images of it with a bag around its head were shared on social media.

Some speculated that the Chihuahua’s owner was using the bag to protect the pooch from COVID-19 but netizen ‘Rachel Liaw’ has now moved to clarify the story.

Liaw said the dog belonged to her mother who has been using the ‘system’ of the bag since “way before COVID” to “prevent Baby from licking other dog’s urine” when they go for walks “three to five times a day”.

Liaw said the bag was a “very thing and soft netting” which was breathable, adding that if the dog was not comfortable it would not walk.

Picture Credit: CEN/@Rachel.liawtc

She added: “We never stopped her, even after they came out in the news, because my mum is a very happy old lady, with her very happy and well-loved dog.”

The loving daughter said she hoped nobody “attacked” her mum for the system and thanked other netizens “for being so kind”.

Netizens loved the post, such as ‘Yvonne Goh’ who wrote: “Dog seems chirpy with tail up! Indicates a happy dog being allowed to go for walks!! For those who don’t keep dogs, a distressed pup would have its tail lowered and display attempts to remove whatever is on the head if they found it uncomfortable. (sic)”

And Jolin Lau added: “So well behaved & cute omg.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@Rachel.liawtc

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