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Outrage After Evil Vet Sprays Cat In Face With Toxic Lavender Air Freshener

This footage shows a vet allegedly spraying a cat right in the face with air freshener containing lavender, which is toxic to them, in a bid to subdue it.

The vet, who has been named as Mustafa Celik, reportedly works at a clinic in the Turkish capital Ankara, and he can allegedly be seen in this footage spraying a cat with a lavender air freshener.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is particularly toxic to cats because it contains linlool and linalyl acetate.


The move has prompted widespread outrage after the vet shared the footage on social media. Celik was reportedly recommending the air freshener to fellow vets.

The vet has since reportedly removed the content from his Instagram account and deactivated both his personal account and the veterinary practice’s account.

Symptoms of lavender poisoning in a cat include vomiting, diarrhoea, refusing to eat and overall lethargy. It can also cause cats to become dizzy, to suffer from a low heart rate and to go into respiratory distress.

Drooling and licking its lips are a sign that a cat might soon throw up and that it might have been poisoned with lavender.

The problem for felines is that their livers do not have the enzyme necessary to metabolise the essential oils.

Cat owners should also avoid making their pets smell lavender-scented products such as essential oils, as these are also reportedly known to cause cats to become sick.

Netizens reacted with outrage after the footage was shared online.

One netizen said: “You hand over your dear cat to the veterinarian to be examined and wait in the waiting room and it is unclear what they spray on the cat’s face or what they made it smell. Horrifying.”

While another said: “If I were a veterinarian, I would do my best to get this guy banned from the profession. There is something called professional dignity.”

And another netizen said: “I hope this half-baked guy gets banned from the profession. F*cking idiot.”

It is currently unclear if the vet is being investigated by the authorities.