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Our Team

Our journalists are all professional writers from different backgrounds and regions.

The one thing all of the them have in common is that they work for accredited news agencies that make their daily money selling content to professional media organisations around the world.

This list of partner agencies includes but is not limited to:  

Central European News
AsiaWire Report
Golders News and Sport

The only difference between this website and the agencies other media partners is that this website is part of a project which allows the agencies to put a spotlight on their teams unpublished news as a testimony to their work. It is guaranteed by the agencies they work for, and by the names of the reporters, which are their bylines.  

No media organisation of a decent size can keep a permanent biography of all their writers, sometimes people might only appear for the purposes of providing a single news item, or one item a year, and it’s difficult in a professional newsroom to maintain an up-to-date permanent list of who writers are.  

At the Fourth Estate Project, all content that flows into our system is however automatically monitored to remove bylines and attribute them to the journalists profile.  

That means it’s possible to take any name and get a comprehensive overview of the articles and subjects that any individual writer has been creating.  

A small selection of those profiles can be seen below in links to the Journo-Lists project, which is currently in beta testing.  

John Feng
Koen Berghuis
Ana Lacasa
Lee Bullen

30 St George’s Place
 CT1 1UT

If you have any questions about our organisation, please use the “contact us” form on this site.