One Of Group That Killed Teen ‘To See What It Was Like’ Gets 15 Years

A court in Brazil has jailed a brute for 15 years after he and his pals strangled and stabbed an 18-year-old to death to discover if one of them was a psychopath.

Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira (18) who was found dead after disappearing for seven days in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (Newsflash)

The court in Goiania handed evil Enzo Jacomini Carneiro Matos 15 years behind bars on 13th March after finding him guilty of homicide and concealment of a corpse.

The investigation found that Carneiro Matos (who goes by the female name Freya), Jeferson Cavalcante Rodrigues, and Raissa Nunes Borges, premeditated the crime.

The Civil Police said that they decided to kill someone to see how Nunes Borges, who wanted to know if she was a psychopath, reacted afterwards.

The police said that they chose victim Ariane Barbara because she was small, thin, and could be held down easily.

Ariane left home on 24th August 2021 after telling her mum that she was going out for a meal with friends.

After she failed to return, mother Eliane Laureano filed a missing persons report with the police the next day.

Police seized the knife with which Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira was murdered in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (PCGO/Newsflash)

The Civil Police found a body in an advanced state of decomposition in an area of woodland on 31st August. It was identified as Ariane’s through fingerprints.

Investigator Marcos Gomes told how the crime was committed in Cavalcante Rodrigues’s car as the group played a song about homicide on the stereo.

Halfway through the song, Cavalcante Rodrigues snapped his fingers to give the signal for Ariane to be killed.

After the signal, Carneiro Matos began strangling her. Then, he and Nunes Borges stabbed her with two knives brought by Cavalcante Rodrigues.

After killing her, they placed her body in the boot and took it to the spot where it was later found.

Chillingly, the suspects went out for a meal afterwards and carried on with their lives as if nothing had happened until they were arrested.

Officers also arrested a teenage minor following the crime, but they are still withholding her suspected level of involvement.

Jeferson Rodrigues, one of the suspects for the murder of Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (PCGO/Newsflash)

Carneiro Matos’s lawyer has filed an appeal against his client’s conviction for homicide, for which he was sentenced to 14 years.

Cleib Bueno de Morais is arguing that he should only have been convicted of concealment of a corpse, for which he received one year in prison.

Bueno de Morais said during the trial: “He became aware of it inside the car. He helped to conceal the corpse. Regarding the homicide, he did not know.

“He was also a victim of all this.”

Carneiro Matos was acquitted of corruption of a minor.

Cavalcante Rodrigues and Nunes Borges will be tried at a later date.