ONE FOR SORROW: Magpie Trapped Between Wall And Window Rescued

This video shows the rescue of a desperate magpie that got trapped between a wall and a pane of glass.

The rescue took place at a school in the city of Rizhao, in the Chinese province of Shandong, on 31st March.

In the video, which was shared on Douyin, which is what TikTok is known as in China, the magpie can be seen desperately struggling to find its way out from the narrow space between the wall and the window.

Magpie trapped between wall and glass rescued in Rizhao, China. (34682126/AsiaWire)

But a school staff member quickly comes to the rescue and can be seen making a hole in the wall through which he catches the magpie.

Another image shows the magpie enjoying its freedom again.

The director of the school, identified only by the surname Wang, told local media that they decided to go in through the wall, as it would have been too dangerous to cut the glass, which could have hurt the magpie.

Magpie trapped between wall and glass rescued in Rizhao, China. (34682126/AsiaWire)

Netizens left several comments under the video, such as Douyin user ‘Jingzhe’, who wrote: “Schools should convey this kind of loving spirit, instead of poisoning stray cats and dogs like some schools.”

‘President Jia’ commented: “A school that respects all life can, I think, teach good students.”

And ‘0.0’ wrote: “I am very curious how this magpie got in that space.”