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Old Woman Fined For Slapping Two Boys Leaving Lift

Story By: Ana Marjanovic, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment an elderly woman slaps two boys after they stepped out of a lift and is later fined 150 GBP for the offence.

The incident was filmed by a building CCTV camera in the city of Bor in the eastern Serbian district of the same name after the boys reportedly arrived on the 10th floor instead of the ninth floor.

After exiting the lift, the 62-year-old woman confronted the boys in the hall and slapped both of them around the face.

Picture Credit:CEN

Following the incident, the resident has been fined 20,000 RSD (147 GBP) for slapping the two 10-year-old boys by a court in Bor.

Meanwhile, the children’s parents have announced that they will also file a private lawsuit against the woman.

Father Milenko Bajic shared the video on social media and said: “I met the woman one month after the incident at the bank. She came up to my face and tried to provoke me. She expected to get a reaction, but I managed to stay calm.

“Today, I found out the price for slapping other people’s children is 20,000 RSD! Money that goes to the treasury. 10,000 RSD each kid! Dear Serbia, I love you.”

Netizen ‘VladaZeljkaVukovic’ commented: “Is that all our children is worth? If she had kicked a dog she would have paid more. Terrible.”

‘Snezana Cukic’ said: “If the kids were being naughty, that’s what children do. No excuse for that. Her reaction was unacceptable.”

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