OH DEER: Ohio Policemen Rescue Deer From Local Outdoor Swimming Pool

This footage shows Ohio police officers rescuing a deer that had gotten trapped inside a swimming pool at a local residence.

The rescue mission took place in the city of Medina, in the US state of Ohio.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Medina Police Department, along with a short statement that said: “Sergeant Wilson, Officer Crooks, and Officer Hughes rescued this young deer from a swimming pool.

“A resident called the police department to report a deer stuck in their pool.”

Body-worn footage shows the trio of saviours using a catch pole to safely and slowly bring the deer closer to the pool’s edge, then pick it up with their hands and place it on the ground.

After a short struggle, the officers are able to release the animal from the pole and then allow it to go free into the wild.

Officers rescue a deer from a pool in Medina, Ohio, USA on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022. (Medina Police Department/Newsflash)

The statement said: “The officers developed a plan to rescue the little fella and got him out of the pool.

“He was tired and unsteady on his feet but eventually ran off.

“Good job night shift!!”