OFF THE HOOK: Court Acquits Cop Of Pushing Girlfriend Off Seventh-Floor Balcony

A court in Turkey has acquitted a policeman whose girlfriend fell seven floors from a balcony of attempted murder.

Sedefnur Caglar (pictured) was seriously injured by falling from the window of a flat on the seventh floor in Kocaeli, Turkey, on 9th January 2022. (@sedefnur.caglar/Newsflash )

The events began in Korfez, Kocaeli Province, on 9th January 2022, when victim Sedefnur Caglar, a final-year student at Kocaeli University’s Faculty of Architecture, and her boyfriend, police officer Ahmet Ata, went to the home of police officer O. C. with a woman named E. S.

In the early hours, after consuming alcohol, Sedefnur, 23, fell from the balcony of the seventh-floor apartment.

She was taken to the ICU of Derince Training and Research Hospital in a serious condition.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Korfez swiftly launched an investigation into the case.

During questioning, Ata denied pushing his girlfriend to her death and told police that she had previously attempted suicide.

But he was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.

O. C. and E. S. were released after giving statements to the police.

The police force placed the two officers on administrative leave pending investigation.

Sedefnur was eventually discharged and transferred to her home city, Sivas. She is now receiving treatment for her injuries at home.

The fall left her unable to speak for a long time, and when officers were finally able to interview her, she could only tell them that she had no recollection of the incident.

She did tell investigators, however, that she and Ata had been having frequent arguments in the period leading up to the night in question.

Ahmet Ata poses in an undated photo. Ahmet Ata, the boyfriend of Sedefnur Caglar, was reportedly arrested after Sedefnur suffered a fall from the seventh floor in Korfez, Kocaeli, Turkey, on Jan. 9, 2022. (@aataxd/Newsflash)

But, she added, she had previously attempted suicide and Ata had stopped her from taking her own life.

She also said that her boyfriend had never physically or emotionally abused her.

At a hearing at the Kocaeli 1st Heavy Penal Court on 22nd March, the prosecution decided to drop charges against the defendant due to a lack of evidence.

Local media said he told the court: “I repeat my previous statements. Considering that there is no evidence that I committed the crime, I request my acquittal.

“I have been sincere from the beginning. This process had to be this way. I just want Sedef to be okay.”

The court acquitted him and lifted his bail conditions, including his ban on leaving Turkey.