Obsessed Man Stabs Love Interest In Supermarket

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This is the moment a former supermarket worker walks into his old workplace and repeatedly stabs a woman who spurned his advances and told bosses he was harassing her.

The incident took place in the district of Aziziye in the north-western Turkish province of Erzurum after the suspect Murat Yildirim sent inappropriate messages to his supermarket colleague, identified as Canisi T.

As seen in the CCTV footage, the suspect entered the supermarket while his former colleague was standing in the fruit section and suddenly started stabbing her in front of stunned shoppers.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

According to reports, the victim was stabbed four times in her back and left breast.

Meanwhile, Yildirim was stopped by supermarket workers and later arrested by the police.

After the incident, the Erzurum court deliberated on whether the man was fit to stand trial and requested a psychiatric assessment.

However, the victim is now scared for her life that the court will end up releasing him, telling reporters: “I just want justice served. I want the court to consider both sides.

“Maybe his mental health is not all right, but this should not deprive me of my freedom. If it is determined that he has a mental health problem, he will be released.

“If he is released, I will be in danger.”

When asked about her working relationship with the suspect, Canisi T. said: “He used to approach me, and once got my number from another worker.

“Then he sent me a message late at night asking ‘do you believe in love at first sight?’ I told my manager about the message and the man got a warning.

“However, he became more obsessed and started following me on the bus and grabbing my hand, threatening me. Then he was fired.”

Sibel Abdiu

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