OAP Receives Up To 14 Phantom Pizzas Per Day For 9 Yrs

Story By: Delano LangrasSub Editor: Michael LeidigAgency: Newsflash

This Belgian OAP has been having random pizzas delivered to his door for almost a decade after being targeted by an anonymous person.

Jean Van Landeghem, 65, from Turnhout, a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish province of Antwerp, has been having up to 14 pizzas at a time turn up on his doorstep for the past nine years.

And yet he has not ordered a single one of them.


He told local media: “Nine years ago it started.

“Suddenly there was a pizza delivery boy at his door with a load of pizzas. But I hadn’t ordered anything at all.”

Jean initially thought that the delivery firm had mixed up the address.

The OAP has been receiving not only pizza, but also kebabs, and other takeaway food “both on weekdays and weekends, and at all hours of the day. From various suppliers in Turnhout and the surrounding area.”

He added: “A pizza delivery man has even been here at 2am.


“I just can’t sleep anymore. With every moped I hear driving down the street I get nervous because I am afraid that a fresh load of pizzas will arrive.”

The problem has got so bad that on some days he has had several delivery drivers arrive on the same day.

He added: “I always refuse the pizzas, so I never had to pay anything. So this pizza terror is not only very difficult for me, but also for the suppliers, because it costs them money every time they have to throw away those pizzas or kebabs. When there were 10 couriers here last year, the total bill was over 450 EUR (404 GBP).”

Despite his attitude towards the phantom deliveries, the OAP admits he does enjoy a slice on occasion.

He told local media: Have I ever accepted a delivery? No, I like pizzas, but not fourteen at a time. What’s more, I always get frozen pizzas from Colruyt or Aldi. I have never requested a home delivery.”

While the man says he has no idea who is behind the phantom deliveries, he thinks it may be someone within his circle of friends as he has another pal who suffers the same issue.

He said: “She too has been receiving unwanted pizza deliveries for nine years. Sometimes even on the same day. When we receive a delivery, we warn each other so that we can expect another pizza delivery. Maybe someone from our mutual circle of friends is behind this.

He added: “I finally want to know who, because I’m thoroughly tired of this. That person won’t be OK when I find out who’s been doing this to me for nine years.”

It is unclear if the police are investigating or if restaurant owners have filed complaints.

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