OAP Leaves Female Drivers Head Bleeding In Cane Attack

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This shocking video with over three million views shows a furious pensioner bashing a bus driver’s head open with his cane and a mop causing blood to gush down her face.

The violent altercation allegedly took place after bus driver Zhang Hong reminded the 84-year-old passenger to bring his seniors’ bus pass.

Zhang, who drives the number 22 bus in Yongzhou City in Central China’s Hunan Province, is now hospitalised with lacerations on her head and bruising on her limbs.

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She says the pensioner failed to produce his bus pass, which allows him to ride public transport free of charge, and claimed he had forgotten it at home.

She reminded him he needed to have the pass on his person in order to be entitled to free rides, but this appeared to trigger the pensioner, who quickly lost his temper at her.

CCTV cameras from her bus show the pensioner, surnamed Deng, striking her with his cane and later hitting her with a mop and a broom when she takes his walking stick away.

Two women try to stop the fight – but the video shows him turning on them too, chasing after one of them and hitting her as well.

Zhang, who had stopped near a crossroads to deal with the elderly man, said the pensioner calmed down enough for her to move the bus away from the busy junction.

However, Deng attacked again while she was waiting for police to arrive.

The video shows the pensioner lifting his already broken cane and repeatedly striking Zhang on the head, breaking it further and causing heavy bleeding as he cuts open her scalp.

Blood can be seen trickling down the driver’s face as the clip ends, with Deng stepping out the front door.

Reports said he was met by arriving police and promptly arrested.

Zhang, who is continuing to receive treatment at Yongzhou Central Hospital, said: “All I did was remind him to bring it next time. I didn’t even say he’d have to pay the fare back.

“I tried to let it go. He’s old and there’s no use arguing with him, but there was absolutely nothing I could do while he was hitting me.

“I could only try avoid to avoid his blows.”

Reports revealed Deng had been arrested just two days before the violent incident, suggesting he has “violent tendencies”.

Authorities detained him – and then let him go with a warning – after he allegedly stopped another number 22 bus and attacked its driver as well for reasons yet to be disclosed.

It is still unclear whether the 84-year-old will see any jail time for his latest stunt.

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