OAP Floored When He Hits Tow Truck Guy With Brolly

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This is the moment a pensioner is floored by a tow truck operative after the OAP hit the younger man with his brolly.

The shocking incident in which the old man appears to crack his head on the concrete leaving him dazed happened in Malaysia where an official government tow truck was attempting to remove the pensioner’s car.

The old man however was clearly unhappy about it and raised his umbrella, striking the other man lightly and causing the other man to respond violently.

He rushes at the older man, who ends up being thrown onto the floor and cracking his head on the concrete. He then lies the clearly dazed as a result of the attack. There was blood on the floor after the incident involving the OAP, whose age and name was not given.

The video was posted online by onlooker Dato’ Sri Sanjeevan who said: “PDRM, please take immediate action.” The PDRM is the term used for the Royal Malaysia Police.


In the comments underneath he wrote: “The old Chinese uncle was in the wrong by starting the provocation, but he was paid back by being beaten almost to death with a bloody injury, which was a big mistake.”

He also added in defence of the older man: “Nobody knows if the uncle is a person with mental health problems, and if that’s the case and the uncle is in need of care then the enforcement officer is definitely very much in the wrong.”

Online commentators however did not all agree, some saying that the tow truck worker had a right to defend himself. One even noted that if it went to court, it would be the old man that should be punished.

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