Nursery Teacher Encourages Tots To Beat Up Young Girl

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

This is the shocking moment a nursery school teacher appears to encourage four boys to beat up a young girl and she does nothing as they pummel her.

The footage shows the poor little girl being punched in the stomach by one little boy before she is pummelled by four tots who all appear to be boys as their heavyset teacher not only does not do anything, but also appears to egg them on.

The incident took place at the Jardin 300 nursery school, in Ocopilla in the province of Huancayo, in the central Peruvian region of Junin and was filmed by a mounted CCTV camera.

Pictures Credit: CEN

Prosecutor Elmer Pelinco Quispe ordered an investigation into the incident, with teacher Nora Tello Llantoy suspected of egging on children to fight each other.

After the footage appeared online, parents reported the alleged abuse to the authorities and a probe is now underway.

Quispe has ordered psychological tests for schoolchildren and asked the provincial Education Management Unit to set up preventive measures to avoid similar incidents taking place in the future.

Meanwhile, the video is being checked by the prosecution.

In the footage, a boy is seen getting to his feet and pointing a finger at a young girl.

The heavyset teacher appears to encourage another toddler to hit the girl and she duly complies, albeit tentatively.

Then, at least four tots crowd the girl and start pummelling her as the teacher does nothing.

The young girl then drops to the floor and appears to crawl under a table, possibly under the teacher’s instructions.

One parent told local media: “The teacher has not been at the nursery since we found out. Our children did not want to come here, they are scared of the teacher.

“We want her to be sacked because she has been accused of aggressive acts in the past.”

In total, 18 parents have joined forces to demand action, according to local media.

Following a meeting with the nursery head, one parent said: “We asked for the teacher to be fired, what further evidence is needed? Are the authorities waiting for something worse to happen?”

It is unclear whether the teacher has been suspended or possibly dismissed yet.

The investigation continues.