Nursery School Teacher Filmed Abusing Pupils In Class

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This CCTV footage shows a nursery school teacher shoving a girl in the head and repeatedly slapping another boy in the face as punishment during class.

The incident happened at a branch of the Jinmuzhi nursery school in Huangshi’s Xialu District, which is in Central China’s Hubei Province, and comes just months after another teacher working for the franchise was filmed flogging her pupils in the same city.

The grainy CCTV video reportedly filmed on 3rd July shows the teacher, surnamed Zou, having singled out a young girl at the side of the classroom before shoving her in the head.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The video posted by the anonymous parent then shows Zou pulling a boy’s ear and slapping him hard across the face, with the teacher watching as the boy repeatedly hits himself on the mouth – allegedly on her orders.

The parent claimed a second teacher was present at the time of alleged abuse but did not nothing to stop Zou.

Other parents have claimed in local media reports that Zou super-glued their child’s mouth for talking.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Xialu District officials said they arrested Zou on 6th July over the alleged misconduct, but it is still unclear why exactly the children were punished.

Investigations continue as Zou faces losing her licence and receiving a lifetime ban from teaching in the country.

Education officials said they had ordered Zou’s dismissal, while the franchise nursery school is to take full legal responsibility, including any subsequent compensation ordered by local courts.

The Jinmuzhi – or ‘Golden Thumb’ – franchise was embarrassed just four months earlier when one of its teachers in Huangshi’s Huangshigang District was filmed flogging pupils in front of a blackboard.

The video taken on 15th March showed her disciplining two boys and a girl who were apparently unable to give correct answers to her questions.

She was sacked shortly after the incident.

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