Nurse Makes Fun Teletubbies Hazmat Suits To Fight Virus

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News

A male nurse has made Teletubbies-themed hazmat suits for frontline medics to wear as they battle COVID-19.

Nurse Adrian Pe who also works as a fashion designer noticed that hospitals in the Philippines were running short of protective equipment and took matters into his own hands.

Adrian made four hazmat suits for him and his colleagues at The Medical City in the northern Philippine city of Iloilo that resembled the Teletubbies.

The BBC children’s show, which stopped airing in February 2001 before being revived in 2015, famously features the characters Tinky-Winky (purple), Dipsy (green), Laa-Laa (yellow) and Po (red).

He also made protective suits to look like the Power Rangers and Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.

One photo shared on social media was accompanied with the message: “Teletubbies themed hazmats for our frontliners.

“I work a lot in the hospital and the work there is exhausting. And I have always taught myself to look for the beauty in it; to look in the beauty in the faces of the patients and to be grateful.

“And I will bring this aspect as a nurse designer, to see situations with a silver lining. And to assess where I could give something; where I could provide something as a spokesperson.

“And if I can teach people to be grateful, we can have an amazing world where COVID-19 cannot grow and prosper, and children will have smiles on their faces.”

In a follow-up post, Adrian shared photos of his colleagues helping him to measure and cut the fabric needed for the suits during their break time.

Netizen ‘JosephineSp’ said: “Such an inspiration. I pray for your safety and well being.”

‘Errn1187’ commented: “Where can I get one of these?!”

‘LimbItless’ joked: “I want a pink one made for me!”

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