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Influencer Accused Of Playing Out Tragedy After Secret Nose Job

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This stunning Russian influencer has been accused of “playing out a tragedy” after she appeared weak in a video following a reported nose job.

Russian superstar Olga Buzova, 35, who boasts of an army of 23.2 million Instagram followers, is known for taking part in a number of Russian reality television shows. She is also a television personality and pop singer.

Following a spell out of the public eye, fans started wondering where she was.

Local media reported that the artist was urgently hospitalised and underwent surgery. A little later, local news website Starhit revealed that Olga was in an intensive care unit on 5th May.

The singer’s official representative Anton Bogoslavsky refused to comment and not even her mother knew about her daughter’s reported emergency condition.

Olga Buzova spends her New Year holidays in the Maldives. (@buzova86/Newsflash)

The reason for Olga’s hospitalisation remained a mystery until she eventually posted images on Instagram Stories.

A video shows Olga appearing in bad physical shape and seemingly struggling to speak.

She says she was sorry for not being in touch for so long and had wanted to tell her fans everything but was having a difficult time recovering from anaesthesia and “could not come to her senses”.

She added: “I have a very high temperature. All is well, I am under the supervision of doctors. I’ll probably lie down because I really want to sleep. The main thing is my mum and dad know that everything is in order. Don’t worry, it’s all okay.”

According to a report by the magazine WMJ on 8th May, Olga could barely keep her eyes open, her nose was stuffy, and her voice was hoarse and trembling in the video. (

Olga Buzova, 35, has been accused of ‘playing out a tragedy’ after she reportedly appeared weak in a video following a nose job. (@buzova86/Newsflash)

However, an anonymous source revealed the reason behind her frailty was because she underwent a scheduled operation on her nose in the same clinic where the source claimed to work.

The source said the 35-year-old star wanted to correct a hump on her nose.

Olga said she “did not want to say anything about the diagnosis as she had become superstitious” and gave no further information.

The unnamed source said: “There was a planned operation. She really played out a tragedy for PR.”

The Russian star is still yet to respond to the claims.

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