Nose Job Led To Multiple Organ Failure And Death Of Young Student

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A young woman has died of multiple organ failure caused by a nose job gone wrong.

University student Leyla Sonmez, 24, underwent rhinoplasty surgery in the Turkish city of Adana, and her family were told that she would soon be back on her feet despite complications.

Voice recordings released this week that the young woman sent to a friend after the operation, show Leyla revealing how she started to spit blood and suffered severe abdominal pain, but the doctor assured the family that it was only a brief setback and Leyla would soon be back on her feet.


According to the family, the hospital staff told them: “She is fine. She will be discharged soon.”

In reality, the young woman’s condition worsened and a few days later she was transferred to the Cukurova University Medical Faculty Balcali Training and Research Hospital.

Once there, Leyla suffered a cardiac arrest and although they managed to restart her heart, it was then discovered that she was suffering from multiple organ failure and she was immediately taken to the intensive care unit.


Leyla passed away on 3rd February 2019.

Her father Ali Haydar Sonmez claimed that his daughter’s death was caused by negligence and has now filed a criminal complaint through his lawyers.

The plastic surgeon, identified with his initials M.S.A., who performed the operation did not accept the allegations and claimed bizarrely that the student’s braces might have caused the infection.


An autopsy performed at the Forensic Medicine Institute showed that there was no negligence in Sonmez’s death and the prosecutor’s office decided not to sue the hospital and doctor in question.

Upon this decision, the devastated family submitted a petition to the Adana Criminal Judgeship of Peace demanding for the issue to be resolved in court.

Meanwhile, a voicemail that Leyla Sonmez sent to her friend after the surgery appeared on the internet.


In the voicemail, Sonmez says; “I haven’t slept during the night. I was very uncomfortable and even passed out a few times. Blood is coming out of my nose and mouth. I think I could have surgery again. I have a problem with my heart. That’s why I had bruises on my hands and feet. My blood circulation is bad and my face is stiff.”

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