No-Hands Biker Fills Up Tank Whilst Riding On Busy Road

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a daring biker riding with no hands grabs a petrol can from another biker’s rucksack and fills up his own vehicle as he speeds down a road.

The biker, who has not been identified, can even be seen using his mobile phone with both hands in the footage recorded on his helmet camera in the Maltepe district of Istanbul, Turkey.

Local media report the biker realised he was running out of petrol and he can be seen in the video taking both of his hands off the handlebars to unlock his phone with the bike in motion to call a friend and ask them to bring petrol.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The friends then arrives and rides on his own motorbike next to the biker recording the video.

The pair do not pull over to fill up the bike but instead the biker recording leans over and unzips his friend’s rucksack and takes out a petrol can as they speed down a busy road.

The biker then opens the fuel tank cap and fills up his motorbike as he continues riding down the busy road using one hand. The other biker’s helmet camera shows the daring act from a different angle

He then leans over and puts the can back into his friend’s rucksack.

The video was posted online and netizens called for police to identify the biker.

Netizen ‘Omer Demir’ wrote: “Because of these douchebags all motorbike riders are under suspicion. These guys should immediately be detained and have their licenses banned for life.” 

And ‘Ugur Onen’ added: “One day he will end up under a truck or a car and will lose his life.”

While ‘Sabri A. Erturk’ wrote:”I hope people like you die before hurting others.”

It is unclear if a police investigation has been launched into the incident.

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