No Compo Lorry Driver Drags Scooter Woman For 100ft

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This video shows a lorry driver running over a female scooter rider and dragging her for 100 feet before allegedly attempting to crush her to death to avoid paying disability compensation.

The shocking scenes played out on the streets of Taichung’s Nantun District in West Taiwan on 25th July.

Dashcam video belonging to local resident Mr Lin shows the lorry driven by a man surnamed Chiu, 39, failing to notice the scooter rider Chang, 65, and knocking her to the ground.

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Picture Credits: AsiaWire

But the vehicle does not stop as Chang and her scooter are churned into the undercarriage and dragged some 100 feet through the junction of Zhongyong Road and Wuquan West Road.

Chiu pauses the lorry for a few seconds, and Chang is seen climbing to safety, but then the driver continues forwards, crushing the woman’s scooter while allegedly attempting to kill her too.

Local authorities said the Chang escaped with various abrasions all over her body. She is in stable condition but still hospitalised.

They said they had nearly ruled the case as an accident before Mr Lin’s dashcam footage appeared, which they said painted an altogether more “horrific” picture.

Chiu, meanwhile, was asked by witnesses why he did not stop after he ran the woman over.

He reportedly told them he thought he had suffered a tyre burst, and that he did not see the woman as she was in his blind spot.

Further inquiries are now ongoing.

Mr Lin captioned his dashcam video: “I came across this terrifying accident yesterday. The driver stopped for a bit but then kept on driving.

“The unspoken rule of lorry drivers is to finish the job instead of leaving victims paralysed. You pay less in compensation if you kill someone than you do paying disability compensation for life.”

Taichung police did not comment on Chiu’s alleged attempt to kill the scooter rider.

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