Neymars Dads Statement After Rape Case Thrown Out

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Neymar’s dad has slammed the rape accusation against his son as “unjust” and told the footballer to walk with his “head held high” in a statement after the case was thrown out.

The statement from Neymar Sr., Neymar Jr.’ s father, came after the prosecution asked the Brazilian Court of Justice to archive the case in which Neymar Jr. was accused of raping Brazilian model, Najila Trindade in a hotel in Paris in May 2019.

Local media report the case was archived due to “unsubstantial evidence” and “contradictions with the statements made by the accuser and circumstantial evidence”.

Pictures Credit: Golders/@neymarpai_

Neymar’s father took to his representing agency, NR Sports, to issue an official statement.

Neymar Sr. wrote: “I’d like to express my appreciation for the support from all our friends, the prayers from our fans and the trust of our partners, who have always believed in my son’s innocence. One more step, indeed, an enormous and definitive step, has been taken on the tough journey of this nightmare we have gone through in the last “eternal” two months. 

“I have just watched the Public Ministry’s announcement with the final decision, promising the archiving of the investigation of the unjust accusation of rape and assault against my son. 

“Son, let’s move on with our lives with our heads held high, with our heart calm and the peace of the innocent.”

Reports state the Sao Paulo police can still re-open the case if new evidence surfaces. They are continuing to investigate Trindade on the suspicion of making a false allegation against the footballer.

Neymar is currently still under investigation for cybercrime. The Brazilian international allegedly released private pictures and texts the model and him exchanged before the alleged rape.

No statements have been issued by Neymar Jr. or Najila Trindade.

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