Newborn Baby Who Caught COVID In Mums Womb Dies In ICU

This newborn baby has died in intensive care after doctors failed to identify that he was infected with COVID-19 which he is believed to have caught from his mum.

The tragic death took place in the south-eastern Brazilian municipality of Rio Claro on 14th March, four days after the newborn’s ICU admission.

The baby named Matheus, who was found to be suffering from breathing difficulties just two hours after being born via caesarian section, is believed to have caught COVID-19 while still in his mother’s womb.


His mother, 40-year-old Adriana Raquel de Godoy Zaniolo, had no symptoms herself but later tested positive for the virus.

The hospital regards this as an extremely rare case.

Matheus’ COVID-19 diagnosis was confirmed two days after his birth.


According to the newborn’s father, 44-year-old Isaac Marangoni dos Santos, doctors thought the youngster was suffering from a bacterial infection at the time.

According to Isaac, it was he who raised the possibility with doctors that his son’s condition might be due to COVID-19.

He described the alleged oversight on the doctors’ part as “incomprehensible, unacceptable and revolting” to local media.


Adriana had already had COVID-19 in July last year and was asymptomatic at the time.

Doctors believe she was reinfected and they are currently carrying out tests to see if she was reinfected with a new variant of the virus.

She did not present any symptoms during her reinfection, either.


Adriana was discharged from hospital in time to attend her son’s funeral at the Rio Claro Municipal Cemetery on 15th March.

The family has announced its intention to request a formal investigation into the case.

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