Natural Birth Woman Has Quintuplets

Story By:  Aloysius Fernandes, Sub-Editor: Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

These five tiny babies are being held as a medical miracle after they were born as quintuplets in a natural birth at a private hospital in Pakistan.

The mother gave birth to the five babies, three girls and two boys, in a private hospital in the city of Quetta, formerly known as Shalkot, which is the provincial capital and largest city in the region of Balochistan in Pakistan.

Despite the birth being listed as high risk to both mother and babies, medical staff confirmed that the new family were all doing well and all were in stable condition.

The birth was supervised by Dr Shameem who told local media that the woman had been brought in as an emergency case from the suburbs of the capital and had then very quickly given birth to the quintuplets via a natural birth.

The woman who was not named and her husband, Abdul Haq Achakzai, are now parents to nine children and the dad said he was delighted at the sudden increase in the size of his family.