Naked Man Dubbed Terminator Runs Down Train Tracks

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Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a fully naked man dubbed ‘The Terminator’ walks out of a train and then runs away from a cop down the tracks.

The incident took place at the Once train station in the Sarmiento area of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and was recorded by the CCTV cameras on the platform.

In the video, a passenger can be seen walking off the train when the naked man, who has not been named in reports but has been dubbed ‘The Terminator’ online, steps of behind him.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The nude man turns towards the end of the platform when a guard, reportedly a Federal Police officer, steps towards him with his baton drawn.

The naked man then hops down onto the train tracks and begins running down the railroad as the officer looks on.

Sources from Trenes Argentinos (the company in charge of the train services in the country) told local media that a security operation had been launched immediately and it ended up with the arrest of the man a few metres away from the train.

Local media report the man had been quiet and did not talk to anybody before taking off his clothes and getting off the train totally naked. It is unclear if he has been charged.

Netizen ‘elfindemundor’ said: “Tonight, at Once station in Sarmiento, a terminator was sent from the future with unknown intentions.”

‘pioparo’ commented: “The guy leaving the train naked in Sarmiento is a new innovative marketing campaign to promote the new movie of Schwarzenegger: Terminator: Dark Destiny.”

‘solotransito’ added: “Tonight and it’s Terminator of Western in Moreno. The police officer looks a bit scared… would Terminator be armed?”

‘FerchuCalderon’ commented: “At the end of the video I am sure he said to the cop ‘hasta la vista baby,’ while rushing to search for John Connor.”

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