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Mystery Disease Is Eating Womans Face

Story ByGheorghi Caraseni, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

This woman’s face appears to be being eaten away by a mystery disease which doctors cannot diagnose.

Tatyana Chausova, 36, from the city of Aktobe in Kazakhstan has been fighting the ‘mystery illness’ for over three years.

Picture Credit: CEN/TatyanaChausova

According to Tatyana’s mother Valentina Ryabchikova, who is reportedly helping her daughter fight the disease, they have travelled all over Kazakhstan to hospitals and clinics and have been to several Russian clinics as well but none of the specialists could ever establish the cause of the illness.

Because the illness has reportedly not been diagnosed, the mother-of-three does not know what medicine to take.

Tatyana’s mother said: “It all started in 2016 when my daughter started having severe headaches. In 2018, doctors supposed it was because of her ear and she later underwent an ear operation.

Picture Credit: CEN

Tatyana hearing started to worsen, but the headaches did not stop.

Valentina added: “We later took 10 tests on possible tumours but all of them were negative. Later, in 2018, the complete destruction of bone tissue in her face began. The doctors then discovered that her nasal septum had disappeared. The bone in the face from the left side to the left ear began to rot as well as the palate.”

She added: “Tatyana wasn’t diagnosed with a tumour, nor with AIDS or HIV. Yet the doctors prescribed her radiation therapy and anti-cancer drugs”.

Tatyana reportedly feels worse every day and her mother “in Astana, Almaty (both Kazakhstan), Chelyabinsk and Orenburg (both Russia), they reject there is a tumour, in Moscow they say that it’s something else. What is it?”

Picture Credit: CEN/TatyanaChausova

Tatyana is the mother of three children, one student who also works and two younger children aged 13 and 8 who are at school. Her husband reportedly does not have a stable job and the family are struggling to pay for her treatment.

Her mother said “Tatyana is now having strong headaches again, she can’t talk so we always need to go with her, whether to hospitals or anywhere else. Together with her husband we took out a lot of credit in banks and my pension together with the money he makes are used to pay for the credit and the debts.

“We can no longer keep seeing Tatyana suffering and would be very happy if someone could help us find a specialist who could give us the right diagnosis and help us treat her”.

Local media provided the details for those who would like to help Tatyana in fighting her mysterious disease.

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