Mystery As Cute Badger And Dog Pals Stuck Down Manhole

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Picture Credit: CEN/Domagoj Rast via Faun Kutina

This is the cute badger and dog found trapped at the bottom of a manhole by another eagle-eyed pooch – but nobody knows how they got there.

The accident took place in the city of Kutina in central Croatia, when local Domagoj Rast was walking his Samoyed dog named Sonny, when his pooch began barking at an open manhole.

Rast then walked over to the manhole and found the badger and the dog stuck at the bottom, a few metres down.

Photos show the unusual pair sitting on top of each other at the bottom of the manhole looking up at the camera.

Picture Credit: CEN/Domagoj Rast via Faun Kutina

Domagoj informed local animal community Faun Kutina and a vet station who sent a veterinary technician named Bojan who managed to rescue the badger and the dog.

The animal community said: “Firstly he took out the badger which was whimpering for some time and blowing angrily at everyone around it, but it quickly slid back into nature.

“The rescued dog has been examined at the vet station, where, luckily, it was confirmed he has a chip and an owner who had unsuccessfully been looking for him since Sunday night.”

The rescued dog is named Tiki, nine years old, and had escaped from a garden.

Animal organisation ‘Faun Kutina’ told Central European News that neither animal had been injured, saying: “The badger walked away normally. The dog was checked by a vet and did not have injuries.”

Picture Credit: CEN/Domagoj Rast via Faun Kutina

They added that the dog was only dehydrated which is normal as it is not clear how long he was trapped with the badger in the manhole without food or water. It is unclear how the animals ended up in the manhole and Faun Kutina have called for the council to close the manholes.

Netizen ‘makantahi’ commented: “F*ck social media, true friends are found in a manhole.”

While ‘Tasa Loky Freya’ added: “I am curious to find out who fell inside first? And did the other one fall out of curiosity or for wanting to help.”

And ‘Ivana Rukmini Kovacic’ wrote: “This could’ve ended very badly! For both of them… my dogs when they sense the smell of badger, they are gone, they disappear because they know how dangerous a badger can be…”

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