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Mysterious Alien Egg Cloud Spotted In Iceland

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@siggamajaa

This bizarre egg -shaped cloud was snapped during an early morning walk in the park by a woman in Iceland with some netizens saying it could be caused by aliens.

Fashion designer Sigga Maija who posted the picture on her social media account with the message “Egg or aliens” said she had taken the snap in downtown Reykjavik in the morning.

Online commentators were quick to join in with their own speculations, with Gudmundur Jorundsson comparing it to the Death Star and posting an image, and others comparing it to the alien vessels from the film “arrival”

Picture Credit: CEN

Others made a comparison with the giant heads seen floating in the sky during an episode of Rick & Morty.

Others suggested it was a fake created in Photoshop, however whether experts speaking to local media said it was a lenticular cloud.

They said that they were relatively common in Iceland in the saucer-shaped format, but that an egg -shaped lenticular cloud was certainly more unusual.

The lenticular clouds are caused when a large object on the ground such as a mountain or skyscraper causes damp air to flow upwards, forming the clouds when it reaches colder higher altitudes.

Picture Credit: CEN

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