Mutant Kitten Born With 7 Legs, 2 Tails After Incest

Story By: Peotr Tulba, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This mutant kitten did not have nine lives but it did have seven legs – together with eight claws and two tails – with a vet speculating its mum may have conceived the odd-featured animal with her own son.

The mutant animal was born to a cat in the city of Voronezh in Russia’s Voronezh Oblast region.

The kitten’s owner, who was not named, told local media: “The mother cat is two years old, this was her second litter of three kittens. Two were normal, but the third was born dead, with its seventh paw on its back and with eight claws on its paws.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/@vrn_b

Alexander Kuznetsov, a veterinarian at the Paninsky District Veterinary Hospital, said: “There may be many environmental or genetic reasons. It is possible that the cat became pregnant from her son. In this case, there is a chance of foetal mutations. “

Online commentators were alive with speculation about the cause.

Seryozha Golubok said: “Not a mutant, just the eggs have grown too close to the uterus or were located close and two kittens developed together.”

Ivan said: “You need to properly care for pets to avoid such situations. It’s cruel.”

Victoria wrote: “I am so sorry for this poor little cat. And the mistress should be punished for cruelty to animals. This is all because of her negligence. If you have pets, you must carefully monitor them.”

A similar case was in Vladivostok in 2010 when a kitten was born with four ears. The main ears were normal, but there were also two ears that were turned in the opposite direction and had no ear passages.

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