Mutant Calf Born With Human Face In Argentina

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the eerie mutant calf with a ‘human face’ that stunned locals in the remote Argentine village where it was born.

The calf, which was reportedly born with a small nose and mouth and resembled a human face, was born in the village of Villa Ana in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe.

Pictures Credit: CEN

However, the mutant calf only lived for a couple of hours, according to reports.

A video of the calf that was filmed by the unnamed farmer was shared on YouTube where it has been viewed 274,000 times.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The footage shows the calf lying on the grass with its unusual face which locals described as ‘human’.

According to a local specialist, the calf was born with a malformed skull which gave it its eerie appearance.

Pictures Credit: CEN

It is unclear if animal was taken to a specialist to establish more about its malformed condition.

Genetics expert Nicolas Magnago told local media that “it could be a rare genetic mutation”.

Pictures Credit: CEN

He added that the “mutation is a change in the DNA sequencing that was transferred to the cow’s offspring. It was a spontaneous mutation caused by the action of mutagens, physical, chemical or biological agents, which altered its genetic sequencing.”

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