Museum Visitors Taking Selfie Knock Over Dali

Story By:  Sergey Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News


This is the moment bungling museum goers trying to take a selfie knock over and damage valuable works of art including a Salvador Dali painting.

The startling scene that also saw a Francisco Goya painting damaged was recorded by a security camera at an exhibition being held at a museum in the city of Yekaterinburg in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region.

In the video, a female visitor can be seen walking up to the Dali and Goya paintings when the temporary wall they are being displayed suddenly comes crashing down, forcing her to move out of the way.

A woman can be seen shocked behind the wall and local media report the incident happened while a group of female visitors were trying to take a selfie.

Both paintings were reportedly damaged in the incident and a museum employee told TASS, a state-run news agency, that the female visitors had not been behaving appropriately and this caused the damage.

The works were on display in the ‘Caprichos’ exhibition featuring works from surrealist painter Dali and Spanish romantic painter Francisco Goya.

The pieces have reportedly been sent off to be examined by experts in or to determine how badly they were damaged.

A police investigation has been launched into the incident but no arrests have been reported.

The names of the pieces have not been reported.

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