Museum Offering Visitors Chance To Smell The Moon

Story By: Victoria LyndonSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/ NHM Wien, Christina Rittmannsperger

An Austrian museum is giving visitors the chance to “smell the moon” at its latest exhibition.

The new exhibition is open at the Vienna Natural History Museum in the Austrian capital and as well as smelling the authentic scent of the moon visitors can touch moon rock.

According to local media, it smells like wet gunpowder.

The exhibition will allow visitors to experience the moon at different interactive stations where visitors can roam around a recreation of the moon’s surface.

Picture Credit: CEN/ NHM Wien, Christina Rittmannsperger

At another station, visitors can virtually dress in a spacesuit and work out their weight in space on moon scales.

A rare piece of a meteorite from an explosion from the moon can also be seen.

A giant recreation of the moon is also available for visitors to view.

The museum’s Education Officer Andreas Hantschk says: “No other lunar exhibition is as extensive as ours: we show the moon in conjunction with science, art, biology, architecture and history, and visitors can watch the reproduction of moon worms or admire real lunar rocks in the astronomical collection at the Planetarium.

Picture Credit: CEN/ NHM Wien, Christina Rittmannsperger

“Visitors can also go on a ‘trip to the moon’ every 30 minutes or enjoy a “Moonwalker” cocktail on the roof of the museum, and there will also be an exciting children’s program and interactive stations.”

This year, the Long Night of Museums event, which takes place in Vienna, coincides with the International ‘Observe the Moon’ Night. Since 2010, NASA has been celebrating the night in order to raise awareness of the moon, its significance and its exploration.

Picture Credit: CEN/ NHM Wien, Christina Rittmannsperger

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