Mums Plea As Ashes Of Bike Crash Vic Stolen From Grave

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The ashes of a young woman whose death when she drove into a hole on her motorbike in Rome was used by campaigners demanding better roads have been stolen.

Elena Ashley Aubry died at the age of 26 two years ago while riding her motorbike on Via Ostiense, a road in the historic centre of the Italian capital Rome.

At the time of the tragedy, her mother spoke of the enormity of the loss of her daughters smiles when the then 26-year-old crashed her Honda Hornet 900 while travelling back from a holiday by the sea. At the time, police said tree roots had destroyed the asphalt on the road at the point where she crashed.


Her mother then went on to her daughters Facebook page in order to write a message that she said she thought she would never have to do in her wildest dreams, namely share the news that her daughter was dead.

She said: “This is Elena’s page and I’m her mom. I am about to write something that I never wanted to write, which deeply devastates me and which from today on will change the lives of all the people who have known and loved Elena.

“Elena is gone, because of an inexplicable and absurd situation, for an absurd accident, for the ‘damned holes in Rome’ my daughter is gone. She went away with all her desire to live, her smiles, her stubbornness and the disruptive strength of her twenty-six years. Please remember her in your prayers. She had a generous heart and whoever knew her knew that. Thank you all for your attention.”


The tragic story was widely repeated in Italian media, but now the heartbroken mum is back in the news for a different reason with a plea for the ashes of her daughter to be returned, saying they had been stolen from the cemetery where they were being kept in the Italian capital.

She wrote: “Elena’s grave was opened, where her ashes were being kept. They are gone. Somebody stole them. We have reported the case and we ask anyone who knows anything to help us find them.

“It is important to find out if anybody went to see her after 7th December 2019 (the last time the mother visited the cemetery) and if they could tell us if everything was fine. It is important to understand when it could have happened. Anybody with information please contact me in private.”


The mother added: “Besides the ashes, a notebook with people’s thoughts before she was placed into the grave written down was also stolen. Losing a daughter is terrible, as well as going to her grave and not finding the ashes anymore.

“I do not know who did this sad and lowly act. I would like to tell that person that they have nothing from Elena. She is flying high in the sky, they were just her ashes which I would like to see again. If you believe you are taking Elena’s spirit you should know you cannot have her.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.