Mum-To-Be Scalds Noisy Tot In Eatery With Boiling Soup

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This is the moment a pregnant woman picks up a bowl of boiling soup and throws it at an 11-month-old girl who was making noise in a restaurant.

The shocking incident happened in Xiancheng, a county-level city in Zhoukou City in Central China’s Henan Province, with the mum-to-be fined just 500 RMB (56 GBP) for the attack.

CCTV footage dated 11th June shows the woman surnamed Ren, aged 28, who is said to be six months pregnant, walking to the back of the spicy hot pot restaurant and picking up the bowl of soup.

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She walks up to the table where mum-of-one Ms Yang and her 11-month-old daughter ‘Ying Ying’ are sitting, and then flings the boiling hot contents at the tot before casually leaving.

According to arresting police officers, Ren had argued with Ms Yang, aged 29, over her “noisy” 11-month-old girl after the tot repeatedly hit her table with a metal spoon.

Ren’s husband had convinced her to leave, but she reportedly returned 10 minutes later and carried out the attack, which left the girl with serious burns to her back and buttocks.

Ms Yang said: “We had zero warning. I had my head down and was feeding my daughter.

“Now my daughter isn’t eating or drinking. Doctors say it’s because of the shock.

“She has burns on her body and is being treated in Zhoukou.”

Xiangcheng police charged Ren with assault and issued mum-to-be a fine of 500 RMB (56 GBP) as well as a detention sentence of 15 days.

However, due to her being pregnant, her jail sentence was withheld in accordance with Chinese laws.

It is unclear whether she will be forced to carry out the suspended sentence at a later stage.

Ren has reportedly offered the girl’s family some 10,000 RMB (1,140 GBP) in compensation for medical fees.

The tot continues to receive treatment at Zhoukou Burn Hospital.

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