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Mum Shocked To Find Cremated Son Knocking On Her Door

Story By: Elena Kalioglo, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A Russian woman was shocked after apparently burying her dead son when he turned up four months later and knocked on her door.

Baffled cops are at a loss as to what to do because he has now been officially declared dead after his mother identified the body. They also do not know who the dead man that was cremated really was. The son said that he had just gone off to take some time out and “think about the meaning of life”.

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Antonina Mikhailovna, 62, who is from Kronstadt which is a town located on Kotlin Island just west of St Petersburg, had reported her 43-year-old son Konstantin missing on 18th March.

She said he had been missing for six days, and did not know where he was. And she said that it was one of the worst days of her life a month later when she then got a call from police saying that they believed they might have found his body, and she was called to the morgue where she positively identified him.

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The family including Konstantin’s estranged wife and daughter then arranged the funeral, which was followed by cremation and his interment in the local cemetery.

But four months later, his mother got a knock on the door, and was stunned when she opened it to find her son standing outside.

She told local media she almost collapsed with shock when she saw the “dead man” standing outside.

Police admit now they are baffled about the best way forward. A police spokesman said: “In the morgue of the Frunze district of St Petersburg, the mother, Antonina Mikhailovna identified her son Konstantin as being a dead person who was kept there.”

He said that the man had now officially had been declared dead, and they have the added problem of not knowing who the dead man was who had been cremated.

She told police that she was very upset at the time, and apologised for misidentifying the body that she was shown. She said: “He looked very familiar, and so I confirmed to police that he was my son.”

For his part Konstantin, who graduated from military school and worked locally on the island which is a huge naval base, said life got too much for him, and he had needed to take some time out to discover himself.

Quizzed by cops he said: “I was thinking about the meaning of life, and what I want to do with myself.”

He now however needs to work out how to get his life back, and to find out who it was that with their death took his old life away.

Police confirmed they are investigating.

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