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Mum Reunited With Daughter Abducted By Dad 14 Years Ago

A mother has been reunited with her 19-year-old daughter after she was abducted by her father as a young girl in 2007.

Angelica Vences-Salgado was reunited with her long lost daughter Jacqueline Hernandez on 10th September.

Hernandez was abducted by her father Pablo Hernandez in the city of Clermont in the US state of Florida in 2007 when she was six years old.

A felony warrant for kidnapping was issued against the father in December the same year, however, it is unclear if he was ever caught.

After an absence of 14 years, the mother was reunited with her daughter at the border entry point in Laredo in Texas, according to the Clermont Police Department in Florida.

Angelica contacted the police on 2nd September after receiving a message on social media from a woman claiming to be her daughter.

In the message, Jacqueline, who had not spoke to her mother since being abducted as a six-year-old girl, said that she was in Mexico and suggested meeting at the Laredo border point on Friday.

After the pair showed up at the meeting point at around 1.50pm, officials kept them separate and investigated the young woman’s claim to determine that she was indeed Angelica’s daughter.

After completing all checks, the police said the pair were reunited at around 4.55pm in Laredo and shared a photo of them cuddling with happy looks on their faces.

It was not revealed where she had been in the intervening 14 years or what will happen to her moving forwards.

Police confirm that the arrest warrant for her father is still active and he is still being sought. He is believed to be in Mexico.

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