Mum Of One, 18, Dies After Passing Out During Steamy Shower Session With Hubby

An 18-year-old student and mum of one has died after passing out during a steamy shower sex session with her husband in Brazil.

Vitoria Costa de Castro died at her home in the south-eastern Brazilian coastal municipality of Sao Vicente in the early hours of 18th March.

According to the victim’s 19-year-old husband, the couple had just had sex in their bedroom before deciding to enjoy another romp in their bathroom.


The young woman passed out while they were having sex in the shower, prompting her husband to immediately call his father-in-law.

He arrived at his daughter’s home, promptly followed by the police. However, by the time health professionals arrived at the scene, the young woman was dead.

According to the medical staff, the young woman displayed no marks of violence. According to her family, she neither smoked, drank, nor took drugs, and she had no known health conditions.


According to doctors, preliminary evidence suggests Vitoria died of arrhythmia, which is when the heartbeat is irregular, and either too fast or too slow.

They believe the sexual activity could have doubled her number of heartbeats per minute, causing her blood pressure to rise and her lungs to overwork.

Despite the investigators’ initial diagnosis, the case will be fully investigated.


Vitoria leaves behind a two-month-old son.

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