Mum Kidnaps Son From Supermarket When Hubbys Back Turned

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

Cops investigating a child reported missing by his dad found that he had in fact been taken by his mum from outside a supermarket when her former partner’s back was turned.

CCTV footage from the Wanlian Supermarket in Shenzhen’s Longhua District, which is in South China’s Guangdong Province, shows desperate mum Ms Chen sneaking up to her son as he plays on the pavement outside.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Four-year-old Liu Wenhao’s father, Mr Liu, 38, is apparently inside the supermarket and unaware that his wife, 36, has shown up on the afternoon of 21st October.

In the video, Ms Chen looks around to ensure she is not seen, and then squats down to speak to her boy who she then picks up.

With her son in her arms, Ms Chen begins sprinting away from the supermarket without looking back, the video shows.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Longhua District police said Mr Liu later reported his son “missing” and “kidnapped” – apparently without mentioning the fact that the likely culprit was his own estranged wife.

The authorities said in a statement that they had made contact with Ms Chen, confirming that young Wenhao was safe.

The police are continuing to investigate the case, and it is unclear whether any charges are likely to be brought against Ms Chen.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Ms Chen and Mr Liu are currently fighting over custody of their child, the authorities added.

It was unknown at the time of writing whether either parent had filed for divorce.

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