Mum And Tot Launched 30ft In Air As Hubby Crashes Car

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a mother and toddler are launched 30 feet in the air from the window of their car after her husband crashes and flips the vehicle over.

Video of the dramatic accident from Xuancheng City in China’s eastern Anhui Province has been viewed more than two million times online in 48 hours.

The clip released by the Traffic Management Bureau of China’s Ministry of Public Security shows the family’s Chinese-made Chery SUV crashing off road and overturning by the side of the road on 10th March.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

While the car is rolling, however, the front passenger side window shatters and the mum and her 14-month-old child are flung from the window.

Both are launched 30 feet in the air and fly double the distance forwards into and fence next to a field.

Occupants of the overturned Chery, including the unnamed husband and their eldest son – aged 12 or 13 – climb out of the wreckage seemingly unharmed, while witnesses rush to the aid of the mum and tot.

According to the police, the driver had his seat belt on, but his wife in the front passenger seat did not, resulting in her and their toddler being ejected from the window.

Authorities say the mum lost her life during the accident, having landed on the fence next to the field.

The tot, however, survived after landing in the field.

Investigations showed that the husband had been fatigued while driving and appeared to lose control after dozing off at the wheel.

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