Mum And Dad Beat Their Little Daughter

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub-Editor: Jamie King, Agency: AsiaWire

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the shocking moment a mum, dad and brother of a girl take it in turns to beat her and throw her on the floor.

The incidents which were viewed over 10 million times before being deleted by internet censors occurred in the city of Shenzhen in southeastern China.

The video filmed shows the unnamed man and his wife violently beating their eight-year-old daughter and at one point even her brother joins in by slapping her at the dinner table.

They slap and kick her, throw her on the floor and beat her with a broom on various occasions, with the shocking abuse captured on a CCTV in the couple’s home. It is unclear how this domestic footage was then leaked online.

The police questioned the couple who reportedly admitted the abuse and a personal protection order has been filed on the child’s behalf.

She was not diagnosed with any injuries, but will receive psychological treatment.

The Chinese food delivery company Meituan that the man was identified as working for because he was wearing one of their uniforms reportedly faced bad publicity as a result.

Meituan confirmed in statement that the father worked as a delivery driver but made no further comment.

An investigation has been opened.

The video has caused online outrage.

Netizen ‘Brock Watson’ commented: “Such a harrowing thing to watch. Poor girl. How could someone do such a thing to their own flesh and blood?”

And ‘Jobs Pridee’ added: “As an Asian I have to say that devastating though it clearly is this is sadly all to normal for us”

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Angjela Trajkovska

I am a journalist and subeditor working for Central European News.

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