Mousetrap Kitten Rescued And Given New Home

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This starving kitten was found on its last legs and stuck to a strong glue mousetrap before being rescued in the nick of time.

The cat was found by homeowner Mou Hua who noticed the animal stuck to the mousetrap on the floor of his garage in New Taipei City’s Xindian District in North Taiwan.

Mou had laid the adhesive trap in a bid to catch household pests such as rats and mice, and he was shocked to find the emaciated kitten while parking his car one day.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

It is unclear how long the kitten had been struck there, but Mou said the animal was meowing in the dark and appeared on its last legs.

Images show the kitten to be malnourished, possibly due to a lack of food or water during the ordeal.

He took the cat to the district’s Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office, where vets kept it alive inside an incubator before removing the glue using a mixture of flour and water.

The kitten was luckily able to recover its strength and appetite, and was later put up for adoption.

According to the animal protection office, the kitten was given a new home by a visitor, named Lele, who named it ‘Gucci’.

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