Most Expensive Ingredient Vodka Made With Rare Caviar

Story By: Victoria LyndonSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This is the vodka with the “most expensive ingredients in the world” which costs over 2,500 GBP a bottle as it contains 200 grams of rare white caviar.

The product is the creation of a caviar expert and drinks distiller who both work in Austria. The caviar is produced in Salzburg while the vodka itself is produced nearby in the Lungau region of the country.

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Walter Gruell, who is well known for producing some of the finest fish speciality dishes and unique creations, was Austria’s first sturgeon caviar producer and came up with the initial idea for the vodka.

Gruell, says: “Albino Caviar Vodka is the vodka with the most expensive ingredients as it contains more than 200 grams of the rare Albino Caviar.”

He supplies the caviar while Walter Trausner, a schnapps distiller who owns his own factory, has developed all the recipes for the drink.

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Gruell says: “A composition that reflects the glory of our nature. Each bottle of distillate contains 180 grams of noble caviar. In the case of the caviar vodka “albino”, the distillate – which is measured and valued by the ingredients – is the vodka with the most-expensive ingredients in the world, as it contains more than 200 grams of the rare white caviar.”

A bottle of the albino caviar vodka costs 3,000 EUR (2,560 GBP) while a kilogramme of the albino caviar itself costs 15,000 EUR (12,804 GPB).

The limited-edition “Albino Series” is delivered in a mouth-blown 0.7-litre bottle, complete with glasses and an exclusive wooden box.

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