Moroccan Shoots School-Run Mum For Unfitting Behaviour

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This is the Moroccan man who cops believe gunned down a glamorous German-Moroccan mum on the school run as she sat in a Porsche as he found her behaviour “unfitting”.

The woman, only identified as 44-year-old dual German-Moroccan national Fatima T., was shot dead while she sat behind the wheel of her silver Porsche Panamera in Offenbach, a city in the central German state of Hesse.

She was waiting in the car to pick up her 13-year-old son from karate school when a grey Audi pulled up beside her.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

A man fired a single shot from the Audi towards Fatima’s Porsche and the bullet pierced the side window before hitting Fatima in her neck.

Fatima managed to drag herself out of her vehicle but collapsed on the bonnet, falling down onto the pavement.

According to an eyewitness, her son saw her mother collapse after the shooting.

The witness said: “Her son came running from the sports school and cried ‘mummy, mummy’. Then his trainer held him back.”

Despite paramedics arriving quickly at the scene, they were not able to save her life as she died moments later in an ambulance.

A heavily armed SWAT team immediately launched a manhunt for the gunman, but were not able to find him despite raiding a nearby house.

They did however find the Audi, which according to the cops was a rental, abandoned in a nearby street.

Police spokesman Rudi Neu said they managed to identify the shooter as Mohammed Soultana, a Moroccan national who stands at six foot six with a muscular physique.

Neu said: “What we can say is that the man is 42 years old and comes from the environment of the woman.

“The perpetrator knew that the victim would be there.”

According to the latest police information, the suspected killer has fled abroad after the murder.

Neu said: “After the crime, the 42-year-old fled immediately to Belgium, which is where we lost track of him.”

A 3,000-EUR (2,618-GBP) reward has been earmarked by the public prosecutor’s office for a tip leading to Soultana’s arrest, although the police warned people not to approach the Moroccan themselves as he might still be armed with the gun used for the murder of Fatima.

The lawyer of Fatima’s relatives confirmed that the suspect is “an acquaintance of the family”.

The lawyer said: “He is a Moroccan with sick motives who thinks that he can orchestrate the world and the women in such a way which fits him.”

According to the lawyer, the suspect “found something unfitting in the behaviour of the woman”.

Investigations are continuing.

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