Moroccan Lorry Driver Killed Hitchhiker For No Respect

Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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Picture Credit: CEN (Archive)

This Moroccan lorry driver who admitted killing a German hitchhiker, also pictured, has told a court that he lost his cool because the 28-year-old woman was not showing him ‘some respect’.

Moroccan lorry driver Boujemaa L., 42, is currently on trial in Bayreuth in the southern German province of Bavaria accused of murdering 28-year-old German hitchhiker Sophia Loesche, whose body was found in Asparrena in northern Spain on 21st June last year, six days after she started hitchhiking from Leipzig in the Eastern German state of Saxony.

Picture Credit: CEN (Archive)

And on the first day of his trial he apologised to the family of Sophia via his lawyer.

His lawyer said: “First and foremost the defendant wants to confirm that he killed Sophia. He wants to apologise to the family. He says he did not have the energy or the guts for a confrontation. He knows what he did was wrong and regrets this.”

In court, Boujemaa L. claimed Sophia had smoked cannabis and was throwing his things around the cabin of his lorry, adding that he thought she was going to steal his things.

Picture Credit: CEN (Archive)

He said: “I told her to get out. I was smiling and trying to calm the situation. I went to my laptop and she hit me in the face, that took me by surprise. She then pushed me. I wanted some respect.”

He admitted he then flipped out and hit her numerous times with a metal bar on the head.

He said: “I put her body in the cabin of the lorry and drove three days through Europe with her body hidden there until we got to Spain.

“I then covered her body in petrol and set her on fire and left her there. I thought she would disappear.”

Picture Credit: CEN (Archive)

In court he also said: “You can sentence me to death if you want. I just want this behind me.

According to police sources, the body showed “clear signs of violence” and looked like someone had attempted to burn it to conceal the evidence.

Sophia had planned to hitchhike from Leipzig to her parents’ home in the Bavarian city of Amberg, but ended up murdered 1,000 miles away from her destination.

Sophia’s brother, Green Party district councillor Andreas Loesche, recently told German media: “We are hoping that the truth comes to light at the trial. I want to know all the details even if it is gruesome.”

The case is ongoing.

Picture Credit: CEN (Archive)

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