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Moped Fall Woman Rolls To Dodge Lorry Wheel At Last Sec

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a woman who rides in front of a lorry is knocked off her moped but rolls away to avoid being crushed by its large wheels at the last second.

The accident happened on the streets of Wenzhou in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

Electric moped rider Ms Zhang can be seen cutting from right to left in front of the heavy goods vehicle while driving dangerously in the lorry’s blind spot.

The lorry owner does not notice the small moped and drives into the back of it, knocking Ms Zhang onto the road.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

But just when it seems inevitable that the woman will be run over by the large wheels, she somehow rolls away and escapes what may have been a fatal crushing.

Ms Zhang, who reports say ‘cheated death’, escaped with minor abrasions while her electric moped was completely destroyed in the undercarriage of the heavy goods vehicle.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

Wenzhou traffic police said Ms Zhang failed to pay attention to traffic conditions when attempting to change lanes.

She will be found liable for causing the accident through recklessness and will receive a fine along with an undisclosed amount of points on her licence, while the lorry driver will also be fined for negligence in the collision.

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