Monster Couple Invited Victim For Sex, Cut Out Her Heart

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This couple on trial for killing women and feeding their organs to dogs invited one victim over for sex before cutting out her heart putting it in a jar and selling her bones, a court has heard.

Juan Carlos Hernandez, 38, dubbed the ‘Monster of Ecatepec’, and his girlfriend Patricia Martinez Bernal, 44, were arrested on 4th October 2018 in the city of Ecatepec in the Mexican state of Mexico, while reportedly carrying the remains of human bodies in a pram.

They have already been sentenced to 15 years in prison for hiding the remains of two women in order to hide a crime, however Hernandez has admitted to killing 20 women to investigators, according to local media.

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Reports said that only six victims have been identified so far.

They have also previously been sentenced to four years in prison for human trafficking after selling the baby of one of their victims called Nancy.

In the ongoing murder trial, the ‘Monster of Ecatepec’, who had told cops he fed his 20 victim’s heart to his pet dogs and told a doctor on camera in police custody “I call your f*cking mother and she gives me her heart”, reportedly accepted the charge of killing victim Guillermina del Angel, 37, and claimed that she was on the couple’s ‘list’ because they wanted to sell her bones.

Bernal asked her husband to get in touch with the woman, who they both knew, and he invited her to his home, according to reports.

Hernandez said: “I already had the order to kill her and permission to have consensual sexual relations with her because it was my birthday.”

According to Mexican newspaper ‘Milenio’, Bernal stripped them both before the victim was attacked, tied and beaten. 

Pictures Credit: CEN

‘Milenio’ said that Hernandez killed the 37-year-old woman and sold her skull while her limbs were thrown in the rubbish.

According to reports, the woman’s chest area and pelvis were kept in a fridge for five months while her heart was placed in a jar as an offering to ‘Saint Death’.

Bernal said in court: “I was the one who planned everything. She always wanted my husband, she was very uninhibited.”

The murder trial continues.