Escaped Monkey Fatally Electrocuted After Climbing Across High Voltage Lines

Story By: Juan FernandezSub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the shocking moment an escaped monkey is fatally electrocuted after climbing across high-voltage lines.

The footage was captured in the city of Godoy Cruz, located in the metropolitan area of the city of Mendoza, in the Argentine province of the same name.

Local media said the tufted capuchin monkey (Sapajus apella) was an escaped animal which many said was from the Mendoza Ecopark, and was reportedly also being searched for by the local police when he was spotted on the cables.

The video shows the brown capuchin carefully walking across high-tension cables as people can be heard speaking and laughing in the background.

The animal appears to be confused by its surroundings but continues across the cable until reaching a wooden pole and is fatally electrocuted as it causes a short circuit with its body between the high-voltage cable and the pole.

A monkey, who had been chased by police officers after escaping from the Mendoza Ecopark, died when he was electrocuted by the high voltage cables in Mendoza, Argentina, in May 2021. (Newsflash)

A person can be heard screaming from shock in the background as the monkey catches fire and falls to the ground.

The video ends as the filmmaker walks over to the body.

The authorities issued a statement saying that the incident was under investigation over confusion as to whether the monkey was being kept illegally when it escaped, or whether it was indeed a resident of the local eco-park. (

There have been no further reports on the monkey’s origin.

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