MONKEY SEE MONKEY BOO: Furious Baboon Tries To Bite Teasing Children

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the moment zoo visitors including an adult and children torment a baboon by banging on the glass.

The frustrated baboon is so threatened by the taunting that it not only snarls and bares its teeth, but also ends up banging its head on the glass in a furious rage.

In video footage of the cruel confrontation, the ape flies towards the visitors baring its teeth as if it is trying to bite them.

Woman angers baboon by slapping the glass at Wuxi zoo in China. (1697066699/AsiaWire)

The incident was filmed at the Wuxi Zoo and started with the female tourist slapping on the glass, infuriating the baboon.

Wuxi is a city in southern Jiangsu province, in eastern China.

Following her example, a group of children do the same and are clearly enjoying the baboon’s discomfort.

Zoo officials said the baboon was simply making it clear that it felt its territory was being violated and was responding with a “grinning expression”.

Woman angers baboon by slapping the glass at Wuxi zoo in China. (1697066699/AsiaWire)

A video of the incident shows that the baboons and tourists are separated by glass.

A message saying ‘Do not tap the glass, do not feed’ is clearly pasted on the glass.

It did not however deter the woman from annoying the baboon.

The footage was posted with the comment: “Going out to play on May 1, where the tourist knocked on the glass to make it angry.”

Woman angers baboon by slapping the glass at Wuxi zoo in China. (1697066699/AsiaWire)

Zoo officials confirmed that the incident happened outside one of their enclosures and said that the baboon in question was one of the most grumpy that they had, and although they discouraged this sort of thing, it all happened so quickly that staff had no time to react.

According to the staff member, the glass that tourists hit is double-layer tempered glass so that there is no danger of it breaking and they also confirmed that the baboon was not injured even though some people suggested it had been banging its head on the glass.