Moment Yobs Beat Defenceless Dog To Death With Stick

This is the sickening moment a defenceless dog hanging by its neck on a fishing hook with its rear legs dangling in the air is beaten to death by a stick-wielding thug.

The footage was filmed on a beach in the village of Adimalathura in the southern Indian state of Kerala on the morning of 28th June.

The footage, which was subsequently posted on social media by the dog’s owner, Christuraj, shows three males participating in the crime, two of whom are reportedly minors.

The dog in Kerala in India that was beaten to death on 30 June 2021. (CEN)

The clip shows the dog hanging by its neck on a metal hook over the side of a fishing boat on a sandy beach as one of the males repeatedly clubs it with a large wooden stick until it is dead.

The black labrador was called Bruno, and it is believed the perpetrators tied it up themselves before beating it to death.

Christuraj’s sister, Sony P, said: “He was with us for eight years. Our kids played with him and he would eat at all our houses.

Dog tied to a tree beaten to death in Kerala, India on 30 June 2021. (CEN)

“He was family to us. It was recently that he started going to the beach. Usually, he would go and return by noon.”

When the pooch failed to come home on the day of the incident, Sony’s brother-in-law Andrew went to the beach where he came across the violent scene as it unfolded before his eyes.

As he was outnumbered three-to-one, he did not confront the thugs. However, Sony reported the incident to the police the following day, who filed a criminal case under cruelty to animals.

Dog tied to a tree beaten to death in Kerala, India on 30 June 2021. (CEN)

At the time of reporting, none of the suspects, who are all under 18, had been taken into custody.