Moment Thief Steals Shirts Signed By Maradona From Human Rights Organisation Offices

This is the moment a thief is caught on CCTV stealing two shirts signed by Maradona from a human rights organisation.

The Asociacion Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo) human rights organisation denounced the theft from its Buenos Aires offices through Twitter.

The organisation wrote: “The Mothers’ house is open for all, sometimes also for thieves. Our shirts signed by Diego Madarona were stolen. We need your help if you know him or see them. Please get in touch or come to our offices.”

Diego Armando Maradona. (@maradona/Newsflash)

Two men were involved in the heist, which took place in the Argentinian capital yesterday afternoon (7th December) and the organisation released stills of them from the security camera footage. However, they are seen wearing face masks, partly obscuring their appearance.

According to the organisation, the suspects spent around an hour in the offices. They entered separately and spent a while inspecting the place before one of the men snatched the shirts when no one was around and stuffed them into his rucksack before running out of the premises.

One of the two items is a training shirt for Gimnasia, a first-division Argentinian team based in the city of La Plata that was the last side the former Argentina captain managed.

Diego Maradona. (AFA Play/Newsflash)

The org was close to the former footie ace before his death aged 60 last year. On the anniversary of his passing in November, it wrote on Twitter: “Diego, you are always present in our hearts.”

The two items of clothing have not been valued. However, the shirt he wore in the iconic 1986 World Cup game against England in which he infamously scored with his hand to knock the Three Lions out of the tournament was valued at USD 1 million (GBP 758,000) last year.

Maradona recently hit headlines after a Cuban woman named Mavys Alvarez alleged he raped her when she was 16, with her mum in the next room. He would have been around 40 years old at the time. The human rights organisation did not comment on the allegations.