Moment Russian Experts Wipe Out COVID In Italy OAP Home

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

Newsflash/Russian Defence Ministry

This is the moment a team of Russian specialists work with their Italian counterparts to disinfect a nursing home in the hotbed of Italy’s coronavirus pandemic.

The video was shared by the Russian Ministry of Defence after a team of the country’s specialist helped disinfect the Martino Zanchi nursing home in the city of Bergamo in northern Italy’s Lombardy region.

In the video, a military vehicle with the Russian and Italian flag on it can be seen making its way to the nursing home.

Newsflash/Russian Defence Ministry

Specialists in protective clothing can then be seen spraying the home with disinfectant, removing mattresses to spray the beds.

The second stage of the operation saw disinfectant being sprayed from the lorries onto the roads and trails around the home.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence said: “A team of epidemiologists and specialists from the Russian Chemical Forces Defence Army of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, together with their Italian colleagues, carried out the complex processing of the Martino Zanchi nursing home for the elderly in the suburbs of Bergamo.”

Newsflash/Russian Defence Ministry

According to the authorities, 2,000 square meters (21,500 square feet) of internal rooms and outside streets were disinfected. The Russian authorities said that another three disinfection procedures are planned to be performed in Italian medical institutions.

Netizen ‘Aksiusha Krasiuchka’ commented: “God grant heath to these brave and kind people for their actions.”

Another netizen named ‘scarecrow’ said: “Thank you very much, from Italy.”

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Italy has suffered 97,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 10,779 deaths.

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